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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 18, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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odor-eaters. no shoes. no problem. moves into a second week over the police shooting of the teenager michael brown. the autopsy shows his shot six times even though it appears to trying to surrender >> to welcome our viewers for watching us around the country. to join us live from ferguson. evidence of st. louis. hist >> not have a decision the governor of missouri
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takes lightly. in response to scenes like these. >> we were here and for some less - 2 against a door of his entire era. con shots and cocktail's left them no choice. rhetors disrupt it was a peaceful protest in the wake of that the result of a private autopsy on the body of michael brown shows you shot him six times. family and legal team demanding charges. >> shows a back to front for both of those.
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>> believe given the kind affects the soft surface of the arrest appeared to specter to meet with president obama at the white house this afternoon. live in misery. dimension to the meeting. president delivered a formal address last thursday. we invite you to start new lives of some for continuing coverage. the more video and foregathers.
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>> to get in another in critical condition. it happened at 10:00 last night in an alley behind the 400 block of west 104th street. 29 old woman and 37 year-old man died at the scene appeared in 26 rural woman was shot in the shoulder. the victims' names have not been released. police say the women were related. investigators say the shooting may have been a domestic situation. the fbi is working and indonesian police gang evidence and the death of the chicago bears to lament. >> >> are short-term murder. complaining what the food in prison. officials said the couple may be brought back to
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the united states to stand trial. the body is heading back to the united states on tuesday. >> a toddler died after being accidentally run over by his older brother. the tune of those killed saturday afternoon. >> the brother has learn as burma. he heard a noise as you move the car. the stock and found alex underground. police are investigating but they say it appears to be a tragic accident. a one-year-old is hospitalized after falling from a second store window. happened just before 5 1/3 yesterday. >> please send a baby walked out of the window of while an air conditioning unit was removed. a man from naperville disappeared from south dakota has been found dead.
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>> guess we cuss been secured about an hour ago. >> use of a
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conscious move into luxury apartments. some of those apartments go for $2,300 a month. the old policy allowed people to give vouchers up to 300 percent of fair market rent. >> being released today on a number of people were visiting food pantries and soup kitchens every year in cook county. >> right hand to a county.
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>> i am not working. i'm 88 years old. >> not alone and needing help. in a study released today. >> is not we think it is. increasingly uc people who have jobs. people who
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have homes. people who are doing everything right. significant number of veterans who served this country who are still struggling to make ends meet. >> they also found 62 percent of county residents have to decide between food and medical care. percent choose between food and paying utility bills. 59 percent have to decide whether it is more important to eat or pay their rent. >> it is becoming more and more difficult for people to make ends meet. see a lot of people who have jobs. simply do not making enough and thus jobs. and also see a lot of people who are struggling with health and of mental health challenges. it is hard for them to hold a job. >> older adults people of retired cannot go and get jobs as well as children. >> he first retired from bartending after spending many years working for a large chain hotels.
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>> god bless them. what can be done about hundred and hunger in america? a chance for people to volunteer and engaged. there is enough food here in america to feed the hungry. the matter of being aware of the situation and then taking action. >> 7 ohope when to kick the city's heather. more than two dozen local advocacy groups of partners
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with the chicago public health sang nobody chris like chicago. raising a less about the dangers of tobacco some encouraging smokers to quit. this is the first time chicago has sponsored a week- long antismoking initiative. >> >> door all exceptions under the religious freedom act. the game got off to a rough start. what
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the first three batters. >> chicago and trimmed the lead to 5-2. vegas opened up with eight more runs. at the game was called after four innings because of the marci rule. jackie robinson west now plays cumberland road island. >> another watch parties. >> new charges against a couple accused of abusing to thomas girls and york. >> he is risking arrest two years after taking refuge in a foreign embassy. .rist
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most famous for making the switch to a publiclfrom republican. took away the republican majority in the senate. he had a lengthy career in vermont politics. a family spokesman says he died this morning at a retirement home in washington.
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>> planning to file new charges against the couple accused of kidnapping and abusing to bomb us girls. of dr. the two girls ages 7-12. released a day later 15 mi. away. prosecutors may wait for results of forensic tests. they're due in court on thursday. >> facility used to treat ebola patients in liberia. still mattresses and equipment. nobody was hurt. some people infected with ebola ran away. >> as strikes from u.s. warplanes have helped kurdish fighters in northern iraq retake the country is largest hydroelectric dam for militants. they seized them more than a month ago.
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planted land mines and other explosives around the base of that them. a wide swath of the rock face catastrophic flooding. they're trying to reclaim the dam without damaging it. israeli and palestinian negotiators head back to the negotiating table for a final day of talks. in an effort to craft a more lasting peace deal appeared with only hours to go the outlook looks gloomy. demanded that israel allow the opening of a seaport. >> can only deal with these issues and a complete deal is reached with palestinians. the break in fighting has offered a reprieve from a conflict that has killed more than 2000 palestinians. >> governor of texas is standing by his decision tuesday till millions of dollars. >> lead to rick
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barry's indictment for abuse of power. says the indictment is politically motivated and plans to fight it. gave his first television interview since the indictment. he said he lost confidence. >> of did what every governor has done for decades. if i had to do it again are making exactly the same decision. >> the wicked leaks founder says he will leave ecuadors embassy in london after hiding out there for two years. saw refuge in the embassy after sweden said he raped one woman and molested another. with a legal fight to avoid expedition because it feared sweden was send it back to america. >> this morning he said he is suffering from health problems. >> the woman arrested for stowing
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away on a plane to san jose calif. was released from the l.a. county jail after serving only three days of the four month sentence. was released early because digital is overcrowded. the stowaway was arrested seven times at san francisco international airport before successfully hopping on to the san jose flight. >> later and mother fed up with a teenager not answering our calls invents an application that will actually shut down our kids more fun. >> the warning about a new scam targeting microsoft users. a polynesian yoco
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healthy early gains. or in the other positive territory up 166 points. 1.5%. to get a phone call from someone claiming to be from microsoft it might just be his camera. received some complaints from people who say the caller's claims to have detective viruses in their computers. the caller then asks for remote access to the computer and installs dangerous metalware. it or ends up building the user for an unnecessary fix. and more than a third of the nation has not save any money for retirement. shows on average 36 percent of americans have no time and savings. at one and two-thirds of the house have saved nothing. despite lack of savings more financially secure than any other age group. to meet to
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agree to us for the brain. $19.5 million over the next two years to design portables but tests. a test will identify proteins are bio markers then released into the bloodstream after a brain industrand jury >> real learning about the anti violence campaign. a mom invents an application icon actually shut down her kid smart phone. actually shut down her kid smart phone.
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that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. for the last 16 years to support for classic is been a showcase for starkly black colleges and universities. sponsors are announcing the classical be played once again at soldier field. the chicago football classic is being brought here by actress successful businessmen who have worked very hard to give back to the community. they're working of mayor ron emmanuel. the idea is to raise money for black colleges and universities.
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>> >> two teams from black colleges in the south will compete in a classic set up to raise money for the school. through ticket sales and raffles. >> fun to be used for college scholarships. it is about promoting education. this is one way to give back to the community. this year's competition between morales college in central stable mark the 16th year to his starkly black colleges have met on the gridiron.
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>> it will shine a light on a positive activity is being done by black men who've recently drawn negative attention and then there is. to want to see the good care is doing good things. support them from them. stand with them get excited about them. the puzzle we see with the football classic. >> >> there is another reason to support the classics. but not able to afford a professional football game. >> started around $15 each.
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>> the once talks thought you'd miss the entire season with a shoulder injury. the rubber match between the sox and blue jays bases loaded in the first. the scored six in that inning. >> gets the ground of to end the game. a host baltimore tonight. left with a one nothing lead. kurtas grander some breaks up of the slump with a game- tying single parent >> sterling castro bricks the time with a solo home run. 13th of the year. cups matcubs snapped a losing streak. fell
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when we're having this much fun, why quit?ughing} and bounty has no quit in it either. watch how one sheet of bounty keeps working. while their two sheets just quit. something that has been in short supply this year. we will keep an eye on that. illinois were about a wind shift of the lake. all seems
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gophers and 90 degree heat this weekend. we'll talk some more about that in a moment. now this is the air and water shall appear to get it is canceled yesterday. michael lance captured this practice run right on the lakefront on friday. michael rice was out at all st beach and caught the real thing on saturday. blue angels flew over. a beautiful day for the air and water show on saturday. this is the one that went into the hawaiian islands. the flight from honolulu back to san francisco on her way back to some chicago. captured the hurricane clouds off from a distance. pilots tend to give hurricanes a wide berth it is clear that its pilot did just that. the spectacular thunderheads over superstition moment.
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this one from kelly robinson heading back to chicago. >> the sun emerges before it is all over. the mushers still floating around in an atmosphere being heated by 80 degree temperatures. 20
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percent of the women get a shower thunderstorm. about the same thing tomorrow. wednesday night to see some scattered storms come back. an orange in the area now.
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>> 73 in chicago. >> i was sure the warmer temperatures run on the area. >> squaw to lift and ultimately give way to blue skies.
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>> here's the weather map and motion. as the thing blows on by this little ridge of high pressure comes in and loosens the gradient. more formidable area of low pressure develop. this opens up the gulf. any showers and get this afternoon will be
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penned up affairs. more formidable as showers and storms. these move into the western suburbs later tonight. coming to the area during the day tomorrow appeared particularly the afternoon and evening hours. >> the could be talking with ninth degree temperatures and thkey indices in the 100. tonight will be partly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms developing late tonight. some of these could produce downpours. tomorrow
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mixed sunshine and clouds. scattered afternoon stone 583. partly sunny and warm wednesday with lake breezes and the afternoon. >> i have some afternoon. >> i have some trivia frieda's. fow
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the official drawing of the illinois lottery. showing you the very best of luck. hope you had the most glorious weekend. your third and final 7. >> here's your fireball. some fun
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summer activities perhaps playing hopscotch. running through sprinklers and having a barbecue. getting illinois lottery tickets. >> first lucky number. 10-6-6-8
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skipping over to lucky day lotto. >>first winning lucky day lotto number. the second is 10. your third is 38. >> thoughtmega millions 116 >> thoughtmega millions 116 million.
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>> time for news for your family. groundbreaking surgery could offer relief. the first person in the country to be inserted with mineral stimulator. suffered from cluster headaches for the past four years with not much relief. >> the narrow simulator it was attached in his cheek bone. the device is designed to work with another hand-held device. basically turns off
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the pain. if you're trying to lose weight you may want to blame york cut. living in our current test of track macaws us to crave particular nutrients that they need to grow. the findings merely to discoveries and how to help people curve unhealthy habits. a mom for houston got tired of her son ignoring her calls so she designed an application to teach him a lesson. it is called ticknor no more. ) to deactivate the child phone when they do not pick up. to reactivate the phone the child needs and on lot password that only the parent has. says the application is working.
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>> making a refreshing summer >> making a refreshing summer recipe. fow
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in our own kitchen with dave prey. here to make >> first explain what it is. a tradition hawaiian dish.
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>>common ingredients fish, soy sauce, sesame oil, seaweed. >>it is not sushi. it is more like a sieve each >>from japan. found in the southern region. >>i saw you cutting up raw fish into cubes. >>generally that is where they kill the fish right when it is cut. the lactic acid does not build up. certain regulations fo rhow long you have to freeze a fish.
12:52 pm
>>to keep it safe there are regulations. beautiful color on those. >>dried seaweed here. i never knew seaweed could be so colorful. it is just different types. garlic chives. us ually some type of onion. going to be a little spicy and sweet.
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>>would you serve this as an appetizer. just a starter. very hoffman generougenerous portion. >>what is that over there? >>i am skipping ahead in the process. we will put the finishing touches. >>that is how you finish the plate.
12:54 pm
>>not this exact but a variation. every menu change we will have a different variation. >>one of our most po pular. on top it is drizzled with spicy mayo. >>this right here is fresh buttered eel.
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the wizard of oz film was released. i did not know what he did. >> we got the sun to come out. we're warming up a little bit. some more of the scattered thunderstorms. forecasts for the weekend was a 40 percent chance of
12:58 pm
rain. put those numbers in the air for reason. >> here is the view from evanston where it started cloudy in the sun has come out. we're heating things up. you'll get scattered thunderstorms to come in tonight. 79 at midway. 78 and bartlett. the wind is blowing south east. there is no when the last hour. in an environment like this you have these lake breezes coming during the afternoon. water temperature at 74. mold, as moderate and wheat pollen as high. their rough a fever season. there the sun burned times. the forecast is for a dome of high pressure. this
12:59 pm
is what it looks like. to receive a warm colors blossoming across the metro area pushing iran organizing jet to the north. later in the week and it will get hot around here. the week and it will get hot around here.
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